Cancellation Policy
When a customer wishes to cancel an order, he/she must directly notify Shine via [email protected] or 01174 033 033 by the following cut off times:
Breakfast Club – before the start time
• After School Club – before 10:00 on the day
• Holiday Club – before 08:00 on the day

If a customer fails to notify Shine by the above stated cut off times, the customer will be charged in full for the activity booked on that day. 

Late or Non-Payment Policy
Customers who fail to settle the order fees in accordance with the pre-agreed Terms & Conditions will be contacted by Shine via email and requested to settle the amount in full. Should a customer failure to comply with this request, Shine reserve the right to suspend the customer’s account and apply an administration fee of £10.00. The suspension will only be lifted once the requested payment (plus the administration fee) is settled in full.

Amending an Order Policy
When a customer wishes to amend an order, he/she must notify Shine staff via [email protected] or 01174 033 033. Please note that, whilst Shine will always try to accommodate a customer’s request, it may not be possible to swap a child into a different activity if, for example, that activity is fully subscribed.

Non-Arrivals Policy
Should a customer fail to inform Shine that his/her child will not be attending, the absent child will be deemed a ‘non-arrival’ and the customer will be charged in full.

Non-Booking Policy
In the event that a child arrives for an after school activity without being booked, Shine reserves the right to return the child to the school office for safeguarding reasons.

Late Collection Policy                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Any child collected after the end of the advertised session will be charged a late   collection fee. The charge will be £1.00 per child every 2 minutes for the first ten minutes. Thereafter, the charge will be£5 for every 10 minutes (or part thereof.) The charge will be added to the customer’s account and must be paid in full immediately and certainly prior to the child attending Shine again.  Subsequent occasions will be logged and charged for and at the manager’s discretion, may lead to the suspension of the customer's account with Shine.

Activity Cancellation Policy
In the event that Shine has to cancel an activity for any reason, a full credit will be issued to the customers Shine account.

Refund Policy
Providing the customer has notified Shine in accordance with the Cancellation Policy he/she will be entitled to a refund by way of a credit to their Shine account. Should a customer request a direct refund then he/she must do so in writing to [email protected].