Shine's standard Terms & Conditions:

Cancellation Policy - After School Clubs

We will only credit if at least 6 DAYS notice is given.  When a customer wishes to cancel or amend an order, you can amend your order online yourself via 'My Account' as long as you want to amend within the 6 day notice period.  If you are outside of this period the session will be greyed out and unable to be changed and therefore he/she must directly notify Shine via i[email protected] or call 01174 033 033.  Cancellations or amendments of an activity to an alternative day made after this period will be charged in full with no credit or refund applicable. You may swap to another activity on the same day, subject to availability, free of charge, please email [email protected] with your request for the change.

Cancellation Policy - Holiday Clubs

Over the Holiday periods we have reduced our cancellation policy to 48 hours before the start of the activity,  Please email [email protected] with at least 48 hours notice and we can amend your booking.

Cancellation Policy - Development Squads

Where a squad is paid 'per term', or monthly via Direst Debit, there is no credit or refund for a missed session.  If you wish to cancel the remaining sessions for any reason, please email [email protected] to arrange your cancellation.

Our 6 day cancellation policy remains in place in the event of isolation due to COVID-19 isolation with refunds only considered in exceptional circumstances.

Creating an order on the day of an activity

  • After School Clubs - Booking is available online until 11.59 AM, subject to availability. For any bookings required after 12 noon on the day of the activity, please call 01174 033 033 or email [email protected]. In addition, it is important that the parents/carer notifies their child's school office as registers will have already been sent to the school. 
  • Holiday Clubs – Booking is available until the start time of the activity, subject to availability.
  • Development Squads and other termly activities: Booking is available until the start time of the activity, subject to availability.

Please note that, whilst Shine will always try to accommodate a customer’s request, it may not be possible to swap a child into a different activity if, for example, that activity is fully subscribed.

Late or Non-Payment Policy 
Customers who fail to settle the order fees in accordance with these Terms & Conditions will be contacted by Shine via email and requested to settle the amount in full.  Should a customer fail to comply with this request, Shine reserve the right to suspend the customer’s account. In addition, a fee of £10.00 will be applied to reinstate the account and £20.00 if your account has to be suspended for a second time. The suspension will only be lifted once the outstanding payment (plus the reinstatement fee) is settled in full.

Medication and Medical Details Policy
It is the customer's responsibility to keep Shine updated about children/s medical conditions and medication.  Any medication provided for staff to administer must be accompanied by a detailed care plan and must be up to date.  Parents/Carers should fill out an administering medication form, providing us with all relevant information. Shine reserves the right to refuse a booking until we are satisfied that we can provide a safe and competent level of care. 
In line with NHS guidelines, if your child may need an auto-injector that you provide two.  These should be given to the Shine staff at the start of the day/session and returned to the parent/carer at the end of the day/session.  We accept no responsibility when the correct medication is not provided and reserve the right not to accept your child into their booked activity. 

Medical Treatment Policy
By agreeing to these Terms & Conditions, customers give permission to administer first aid and/or emergency medical treatment for their child in the event of a major accident, incident or illness occurring whilst in our care. 

Multiple Customer Accounts Policy
For safeguarding reasons, it is requested that each customer has no more than one account per parent/carer. If a customer has their account suspended, any new accounts that are subsequently created will also be suspended and any orders made from that account will be deleted.  

Non-Arrivals Policy
Should a customer fail to inform Shine that his/her child will not be attending, the absent child will be deemed a ‘non-arrival’ and the customer will be charged in full. For safeguarding reasons, Shine will contact the parent/carers to confirm their child’s absence.

Alternative Pick-up Arrangements Policy
Parents/carers must contact Shine by phone on 01174 033 033 or email [email protected] if they have made alternative pick-up arrangements. Staff require a contact number and a brief description of the different adult collecting. Shine staff reserve the right to prohibit a child from leaving the premises if we do not have notification of alternative pick-up arrangements from either parent/carer, or the adult does not match the information they have. In all cases, Shine staff reserve the right to phone both parent/carer contact numbers to confirm the identity of the adult collecting.

Emergency Closure Policy
In the event that Shine must cancel an activity for any reason, (such as extreme weather) customers will be notified and a full credit will be issued to the customer's account.

Refund Policy
Providing the customer has notified Shine in accordance with the Cancellation Policy he/she will be entitled to a refund by way of a credit to their Shine account. Should a customer request a direct refund then he/she must do so in writing to [email protected] A direct refund will only be available for payments made by card, childcare voucher payments can only be returned to the provider.

Childcare Vouchers Non-Payment Policy
Customers who have opted to pay via childcare vouchers must arrange for the immediate transfer of funds with their voucher provider at the time of booking. Late payment may lead to the option of paying by childcare vouchers to be withdrawn.

SEND and Additional Needs Bookings Policy                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

Some children may require additional support to access our clubs. Whether or not your child is in possession of an EHCP, in the process of a diagnosis, or needs extra support in certain activities, please ahead of booking email us at [email protected] with the subject line ‘Inclusion’ so that we can direct you to our Inclusivity Coordinator. We need as much information as possible so we can best support your child. In some cases, we may need to provide 1:1 support staff, and this requires application up to a term in advance. Thank you for understanding. You can read our Inclusivity statement here.

Allergy and Food Preparation Policy
Shine endeavors to be a nut-free organisation and request that children do not bring any products containing nuts or traces of nuts in their snacks/packed lunches. Please also be advised that we recommend grapes and cherry tomatoes are cut in half lengthways.


Late Collection Policy 
Any child collected after the scheduled end of the session will be charged a 'Late Collection Fee'. The charge will be £1.00 per child every 2 minutes for the first 10 minutes, after this, £5:00 per 10 minutes or part thereof. The charge should be paid in full immediately and certainly prior to the child attending Shine again. Subsequent occasions will be logged and, at the manager’s discretion, may lead to the customer's account being suspended. At after school club settings where a 'second session' runs, Shine reserves the right to add your child onto the second session register and the charge will be added to your account.

Non-Booking Policy
In the event that a child arrives for an activity without being booked in, Shine will return the child to the school office. For safeguarding reasons, staff cannot accept children into an activity whose details are not on the register. An administration fee of £5.00 per child per order and will be charged to a customer’s account in the event that that the customer sends their child/ren to a session without advanced booking. If this occurs on a repeated basis, Shine reserve the right to suspend the customer’s account (see Account Suspension).

Account Suspension Policy
Shine reserves the right to suspend a customer’s account in the event that the customer has not adhered to the booking Terms & Conditions and, in particular, the non-payment of activities. In this incidence, a reinstatement fee of £10.00 will be applied to the customer’s account and the suspension will only be lifted once the outstanding payment (plus the reinstatement fee) is settled in full. If a customer has their account suspended on a second occasion then the reinstatement fee will rise to £20.00. Further suspensions are likely to lead to the permanent closure of the account and any additions to accounts created by the same customer.