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4 Apr '19
Claire Wilson

On Saturday 9th March, the Shine coaches took their Hotshots Level 1 team to a highly anticipated first competitive game of High 5 Netball against Crossbow Netball Club. 

The Shine Hotshots played well and won 2of their 3 games. 

From 11am-12:15pm it was the turn of the Shine Hotshots Level 2/3 team, who took on the challenge and  won a game, lost a game and drew a game. 

Both Shine Hotshot teams played extremely well, especially considering they hadn’t played a match against another team before.  Playing a mixture of positions allowed the girls to experience what it is like in both defence and attack, as well as the mid court. Once the ball had been turned in defence the girls implemented everything they had learnt in training to bring the ball down the court, using and opening space. 

The girls in all levels were passing using the correct technique making more difficult for the other team to intercept and gain possession. 

During our training sessions moving forward the girls are going to be learning how to create space within attacking play and deny space within defensive play. 

They will learn more about developing their techniques within shooting, passing as well as footwork movement. 

 Overall the matches were an amazing experience for all of the girls and a great opportunity to be able to see the girls play against another team, we look forward to hosting the Shine Hotshots Netball tournament this evening against Henleaze Juniors and Cotham Gardens school.

Go Hotshots, Coach Hannah & Coach Beth

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